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The project AIDAR aims at improving the "information logistics" towards stakeholders. Therefore, we have conducted various information requirement analyses and are building up an extensive knowledge base. A prototype demonstrates how to generate situation oriented and personalized stakeholder portals and stakeholder messages for selected roles with pre-defined information categories. Neither strategic and organizational nor economic issues are omitted.

Our research topics are:

1. Stakeholder Relationship Management,
2. Stakeholder Information Systems (SIS),
3. Corporate Communication in the Internet (e. g. during crisis),
4. User Modeling, Role Modeling, Personalization, Individualization, Situation Orientation and
5. Knowledge-Based Systems for Information Filtering.
Stakeholder Information System (SIS):
A SIS is an information system used for the consistent interior and exterior representation of a company. The main objective of an SIS is to distribute context adequate and crucial information to stakeholders in order to support their decision making processes. SIS intends not to substitute all communication processes, but aims to enhance the information logistics to stakeholders through a partly automation (through knowledge-based system).

Since the increasing influence and interest of stakeholders in companies, active corporate communication is becoming a critical success factor. These addressees demand context-adequate information for their own decision making process. Different personalized views that filter relevant facts for target groups and individual users are essential. However, we have identified only a few approaches to systematic information filtering in stakeholder information systems.

Our vision is:
Future information systems adapt to situations, roles and personal preferences. Thus, modules of a stakeholder information system must be able to detect and interpret different situations, diverse personalities and variable personal features in various roles.

AIDAR is a project financed by the Bavarian Research Center for Knowledge-based Systems (FORWISS) in Germany. As a partner of both industry and society at large FORWISS is developing intelligent software solutions to provide technical support for modern knowledge management and help control the growing flood of information. AIDAR is managed by Martin St÷▀lein. He is a doctoral candidate of Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. mult. Peter Mertens (supervisor).

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